Chiropractor – a right pain in the back

So, my wife says to me “It doesn’t look like you’re standing right. You’re leaning to the left.”
I’ve never leant to the left I’ve always voted the sensible way (but that’s a different subject).

Anyway, she sends me to a Chiropractor who apparently is “so great, he’ll sort me out in no time”.
Well, in truth, I didn’t really know what one was, but he was quick to agree that my back needed re aligning and said he could do it in just a few sessions (which I noted on the wall were going to cost me £45 a go !)

This guy then explains that he is going to manipulate my back in the same way as we crack knuckles, but I would notice the difference straight away. I agree to try. He asks me to lie on his couch on my left hand side facing the wall and the next thing I know he is climbing all over me and thrusting me in all different shapes and directions.
Now, Mrs Templeton might like that sort of thing (although not so much recently) but it’s not for me. I don’t want some bloke climbing on a bed and grabbing me from behind! What’s all that about. . . . and I had to pay £45 for the privilege and the indignity.

Some people . . . .