No hamburgers today !

Well, I supposed I ought to be used to Wade’s reaction to things by now. Our local supplier of agricultural machinery to the nearby farmers, is renowned for changing his opinions depending on the news of the day or the quantity of alcohol he has consumed.

Just one hour before leaving to spend the afternoon with Wade and his tolerant wide Diane, I have just received a phone call to ask whether I had any chicken in the freezer as Wade has decided he is not serving Hamburgers today on the basis that they are American. He also told me that fortunately he has selected Carling rather than Budweiser from Morrison’s in their rather attractive 3 for £18 deal yesterday. (He popped down there with Mike Spencer who runs the local off license)

No doubt Wade will be burning all the photos from his recent family holiday trip to Florida too.

A present for Robert Green, England’s Goalkeeper

Now, I don’t pretend to know an awful lot about football, but we were expected to win yesterday’s game of “soccer” against the USA. Whilst Wade did suggest on Friday that the USA would turn up late and claim the victory; the generosity of a certain Robert Green in the England goal, meant that they nearly didn’t need to come at all (although technically they would have needed someone to have the shot on goal as Green may have stopped a back pass.)

Clearly Mr Green’s gloves were faulty and not working. First thing Monday morning I will be despatching to Mr Green, England Training Camp, Rustenburg, the following. They are the most sticky gloves I can find, and whilst I know a good workman should not blame his tools, I am sure Mr Green will consider wearing these as they are far stickier than his current selection.

Secondly, last night as I wandered home after work from Templetons Hardware, Sprodlington, I came to the opinion that the town is not supporting England as much as it could. Many of those in Sprodlington know that I am Chairperson of the local Chamber of Commerce. During AOB on Monday evening’s meeting I will be suggesting that every shop in the town puts an England Flag in their front window.