Derek and The Dominos

Wade insists on losing his shirt

It should have been a quiet end to the night. The World Cup Final had played out in the public bar of The Cross Keys, Sprodlington and in the corner of the saloon bar, with a few World Top’s already consumed, Wade the crop sprayer sat with the rest of us. He had just lost every game of dominos.

I couldn’t work out why he continued with his bizarre tactic of trying of offload all his 3’s first; I’ll never understand.

“You’ll take the bloody shirt off my back” barked Wade, jumping up from his stool and scattering the dominos.

“Wade, we’re playing for a couple of quid a corner,” I said. “Now sit down.”

“You’re just a bunch of hustlers,” he continued “and you want the sodding shirt off my back.”

“Oh for God’s sake, here we go!” predicted Colin, having seen Wade do the same routine at least seven times in the last 12 months.

And so there we sat, and watched Wade stand on his stool; take off his shirt like a footballer who had scored the winning goal in the World Cup final, and swing it around his head before releasing it across the bar.

Now sit down” we all said.

3 Responses

  1. Dominos can be a most emotionally charged game, though I find cribbage more intense, personally.

    Footballers now get booked for taking off their shirt during the course of a game. Perhaps the Cross Keys could consider a similar sanction if Wade is disturbing anyone with this.

    • Dear Merewoman.

      How true! Wade is definitely in need of an uplift. However to us, his shirt routine is “old hat” now as we have seen it so many times we tend to look away.

      I had hoped he had stopped following last time when he was in mid strip and the Sally Army pushed the door of the bar open only for a dear old lady to find herself being met full in the face by Wade’s sweaty T shirt T shirt
      Wade is so unfunny

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