The strangest of conversations

I have been away for a while on holiday. More of those tales to follow.

On my return I had to pop in quickly to the doctors for my repeat prescription. As I walked back to my car, I saw in front of me an ageing couple and the lady laughed like a drain.

“Now don’t get me wrong,” she howled. ” I do really love it, but I would still prefer a real man any day!”

They didn’t know I was behind them and I had to stop in my tracks.

Trevor – an update

Many of you have been asking after Trevor, and whether we have located him following his decision to go into hiding last week.

Well the good news, which I shared with Doris Brazil last night is that I have found him safe and well in Brighton.

Trevor had sent a postcard from Brighton to our mutual friend Colin asking him to meet him on Brighton’s Palace Pier. On giving me the good news, I stepped in and informed Colin that as I perhaps had caused Trevor’s disappearance with my insistance of taking his photo , that I should be the one to ensure his safe return.

But, not all plans come to fruition and when Trevor saw me approaching on the pier, he scarpered and the only thing I returned with from the day was his size 10 red stiletto which got jammed in between the board walks of the pier. I realise of course now that I left Colin walking around Brighton with one remaining red shoe looking for another.

However, I understand it’s some sort of Pride weekend in Brighton this week (see the rather interesting photo at the top) and therefore I am proud of myself for making the effort to bring him back. There certainly seemed to be many colourful characters down there on the south coast and I’m a little concerned how Trevor will fit in