You’re nicked!

In the last three months, four regulars at The Cross Keys hostelry have been arrested as they arrived home on suspicion of drink driving. Derek (the Domino player),  Harry Mullet, Steve Simpson and Bernard Lefevre (a rather odd French fellow) have all been found to be over the limit. Derek and Steve have both been found guilty and banned;  the other two await their appearance at the nearby magistrates court.

No one is quite sure about why the local traffic cops are taking such a hard-line on the folks from Sprodlington. They are hardly ever seen at other times. I can remember when we had that spate of hoody car vandalism  – not one in sight.

I always walk to the pub now – just to be safe.

Templeton branches out !

I think its fair to say that Wendy did an OK fair job running Templeton’s Hardware whilst I was away, but I am not convinced that she has full extracted full value for the business.

This morning, I decided to remove Wendy from her role with a  pay off totalling a significant virtual sum. I then decided that she would kindly return the funds to the company in the form of an interest free loan.

I am now ready to share my business expansion plans which will take Sprodlington to a whole new world.