Wow! What a launch for Templeton’s Temptations

I wonder whether Dyson realised just how big his vacuum thing was when he invented it?  Well I think I have something just as exciting with Templeton’s Temptations, my new personal one to one coaching advice service for helping ladies understand their gentlemen friends better.

Already I have been swamped with requests about what clothes ladies should wear on a first date, or what questions they should ask.

I’ve even had ladies fighting over their membership numbers !

What a launch !!!

Templeton’s Temptations – A Lover’s Guide

I am today announcing the impending launch of Templeton’s Temptations.

It should be clear to all that since reading “Pandora’s Box” I have found the key to unlock a woman’s natural desire.  Through my Facebook page I literally have queues of women wanting to get to know me better. Some are new, like Mable who find it difficult to hide their strong emotional attraction to me, whilst others who have lived abroad are even returning back to the UK –  just  to be a little closer.

I’ve decided to share my wisdom and charm to help other less fortunate souls than myself through my new venture Templeton’s Temptations.

Templeton’s Temptations is a bespoke dating service where I will personally help and coach lonely single women to understand how best to make themselves appealing to the opposite sex. By simply sending in a quality photograph I will be able to see whether I can help you, and then for the small cost of an evening meal and some travel expenses, I will coach you on a one to one basis in a restaurant of my choice in the finer art of attracting men.

If, having received your photo I can see that we cannot significantly help you at Templeton’s Temptations we will immediately return your photograph (providing it was sent in a SAE)  immediately with either a voucher for some dental treatment or a facial scrub depending on which we feel will best suit you.

For Gentlemen, we have a small booklet for the price of £35 which has some exclusive do’s and don’ts.

Please contact me through my Facebook page for more information.

How to attract Ladies. My key to success.

I’m becoming quite an expert at how to get Ladies to be attracted to me. But it’s been quite a journey of learning.

The problem I had was too many Ladies wanted to be friends with me. According to an American insight “Pandora’s Box – How to unlock a woman’s box”.  I had been trying to unlock these boxes with the wrong key. In effect I had been trying to “start a car with a house key” they said. Amazing, I never knew !

Now, I know how to decode women and understand “totally how to blow their minds dude” according to the insight. I just needed to know the 3 simple steps to understand which type of woman I am trying “to get addicted to me.” It’s easy and I now know how to use this powerful system.

Well, I say I now know how to use the powerful system. Actually I haven’t paid the $197 fee for the final videos which gives me the exact steps, but I think I know enough already to save making a payment.  I have therefore  written my own three steps.

I’ve started work already on specific target ladies – just to see if my steps are working. I think it’s clear they are. I am already breaking down the “false denial” stage where women deliberately give out the wrong signals: signals that suggest they are not interested when clearly they really are.

So, watch out Ladies, Derek’s coming to town and you won’t know why you want him – but you will.