Norman beats the hosepipe ban.

Norman Mingett came to see me the other week. We’ve been  friends for ages, but have been in touch less since he moved to Lincolnshire to be closer to his daughter Margaret.

“You know they’ve gone and given us a hose pipe ban down there, Derek”  Norman rasped.

“Well you moved to Lincolnshire, Norman.”  I replied.  “And it’ll be warmer there!”

“But I’ve just  got an allotment and a need to water my tomatoes, Derek!”

I glanced around the shop and caught sight of  five watering cans homing a few webs that in turn were homing a few spiders.

“Norman, I’ll do you a deal.” I said  – having first quickly worked out what a 25% increase was on £11.99 .  “I’ll do you a four and one free deal on those watering cans and that way you can fill them at home and drive them to the allotment!”

“You’re a genius Derek.”

I think we both agreed on that point.

And so, off Norman went with his five watering cans which he now fills from home with water and drives to his allotment.

It was lovely to see him.