Thinking of Audrey


Earlier this week I shared the news that Audrey Bishop was going to hospital for some lady work. It’s not an area about which I claim to have any expertise, but she’s had something removed.  When the item  removed was explained to me in greater detail, it sounded like a sort of inner handbag, but for carrying children.

Anyway, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about Audrey to help empathise better with her during her recovery – the good news from the hospital is that it all went well and her husband  Dennis has already been to visit with her favourite treat – half a pound of Strawberry Bon Bons. She likes those and Pontefract Cakes.

Audrey runs the Audrey Bishop School of Music here in Sprodlington. She’s always keen to point our that its not a music shop selling intruments like tubas, clarinets and the such, but a School of Music where she teaches singing and the playing of instruments.  Audrey has expertise in classical and pop singing and piano, violin (and the bigger violin type instruments), traditional squeeze box and tambourine.

Audrey’s successes are first class.  Katie Pumford, for example, has passed her Grade 8 pop singing and the Sprodlington Post was quick to applaud Audrey on Katie’s achievement.  It doesn’t seem six months ago that Katie, who suffers an appalling stammer and could hardly speak without choking on her words,  failed to even get started on her favourite song by The Police – De Do Do Do.  But, as Audrey said to Katie, “Look how well Roger Daltry did with his stammer when he was talking about his G, G, G, G, Generation”.

So, get well soon Audrey.  We hope to see you back home really soon and we’ll make sure Dennis learns how to boil the kettle to make you tea.

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