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My name is Derek Templeton and if you have ever visited the small East Yorkshire town of Sprodlington, and driven up through Market Place, then you would probably have seen my hardware store “Templeton’s” (I hope you popped in to buy something !) Some youngsters refer to Sprodlington as “Sproddy” or “Sprod” but you won’t hear me referring to it as that.

I have lived here all my life and now run the family shop which my parents owned before they left it in my capable hands. My lovely wife Wendy occasionally works in the shop to help out, and our daughter Tracey has now left home and works in some sort of hospital in Malton. Just after Tracey left home and I was ready to sort out her now spare room, my father died and mother felt the need to move in with us, and with no suitable sheltered accommodation nearby (well nothing I could find cheap enough) , we agreed.

So, this is my Blog and I’ve called it Derek Templeton Fixes Things, because that’s what I do. I fix things; through what I do in my shop and because I know I can fix many bigger things as well, but we shall come on to that

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  1. Dear Derek,

    I hope you don’t mind me writing. You remind me of someone I know quite well, but I can’t think just who it is. I live in Itchy Ankle, by the Chesapeake Bay in the USA and how I wish I had a local man who fixed things. There are, of course, my contractors, the Chesapeake Boys but they are rather fonder of the Snug Harbor Inn than they are of me, and then there’s Mr Pleasant, who runs the local hardware store. I believe his first names are Ulysses Norman. I hope you are rather nicer to your customers, although I must say you could smile a little more in your photo. You could be quite handsome. My sister, the Cackler, lives in Yorkshire and we bought some very nice oilcloth once in Malton but we have never been to your neck of the woods. I’ll commend your shop to her as she is often short of tongue and groove and other hardware essentials. Best, the Blarney Crone

  2. Dear Mrs Crone (I do hope that is the correct form of address)

    How lovely for you to visit my site and tell me about yourself. I am not sure who I remind you of. Many of my customers in Templetons Hardware, Sprodlington suggest I look slightly like a character called Archie who used to be in Eastenders. Perhaps that’s it.

    Its pleasing to read you have a local man who looks after you although from your description I must presume that Mr Pleasant is not the most apt of names.

    Perhaps I could smile more. I think the photo was taken on the day my wife Wendy over ordered thirty bottles of T Cut Metallic Colour Restorer which created me a major problem. I think that must be it.

    Do recommend our lovely shop to your sister the Cackler (you do have funny names) If you let me know the sort of things she needs I can make sure I have stock and adjust my prices accordingly

    Kind regards

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