Who wants to be a millionaire

Carl Scott our local fishmonger regularly joins myself, Wade and Colin for pint of World Top in The Cross Keys. He’s slightly younger than us, which we thought would be useful when we play Chris Tarrant’s “Who wants to be a Millionaire” on the pub quiz machine in the corner where Jake the Border Collier lies with his head gently laid on Harry Rushforth’s shoe.
But there’s a bit of hierarchy and status involved in Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Carl just doesn’t get it. He should wait for us to see if we know the answer before offering to assist. But No !
Last night, there was clearly a question destined for Colin. He is the bloody history teacher after all.
“Who invented the lightbulb?” poses His Smugness Chris Tarrant, after taking nearly £3 from each of us.
Now, most of us know that Edison claimed to, but that Warren de la Rue actually invented it 40 years earlier.
“I know this one!” pipes Carl as his arm makes its way over my right shoulder with finger aiming for one particular button. And he doesn’t even make the mistake of going for Edison; he thumps down the B button for Isaac Newton. What a plumb!

Where Colin's head will end up in !

Now, I, not joking when I say that by the end of the evening Chris Tarrant had swallowed an extra £7 from each of us as a result of Carl’s premature problems. I’ve now got to work out a way to get that money back from Carl. I’m not a happy chap!