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I thought I would share here how I have helped people crying out for help and fixed things for them

Tips on Balancing Work With Life by Nicole Griffin Eakin

Gosh Nicole (if I may call you Nicole) you certainly like your lists !

Now I think I can help here with a few pointers..

Point No1 – If you continue to write lists you’re never going to get on with the 100 things you want to do before you die. Also, I think what you are doing is procrastinating which is simply breaking your own rule No 7 in your list “Tips on balancing work with life”

Point No 2 – If you keep procrastinating and writing lists about all the things you want to do if you weren’t writing lists, then you are going to run out of paper. That means having to go to the local shop for more paper which is more time wasted ! And you would probably have to write a shopping list to remember to buy the paper!

Point No 3 – You’re not going to have too much time to celebrate you successes if you don’t have any because you haven’t finished your latest list

Point No 4 – Please don’t make your next blog post “100 things you could write a list about”

Derek Templeton

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The Private Language Of Marriage by delialloydChristian Relationship Help | Christian Marriage pinged 7 hours ago:
[…] […]

I am more than a little confused with my marriage. Twenty nine years in and I’m suddenly told Mrs Templeton is “going through the change”
What’s that all about? Changing what?
I’ve changed a car from time to time, but that’s about it.

Your Message Matters by Kevin Shannon
You said 23 hours ago:
I have to totally agree with the article above, especially the piece around business cards.
In Sprodlington, East Yorkshire where I run my own hardware business, I have usually relied upon adverts in the local “Radius” publication, but I received little cut through.
At the bottom end of our little market town is a sandwich shop run by two gentlemen. Quite by chance at the same time as I created some glossy “sale” business cards, they added one of those plastic card advert holders to their front window.
My advert was definitely the one that stood out most !
Thanks for your further tips
Derek Templeton
Templetons Hardware

Kevin Shannon said 23 hours ago:
Thanks for the comments!

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