Bill at his very best

Some have questioned my view that Bill Buckley is the continuity God of television. I wanted to highlight that he too is the model professional on radio.

Just listen to how his clear prior preparation enables him to smoothly open his show. Listen too to how he takes full responsibility for his problems and refuses to blame those around him for the troubles. Listen as well to how he considers those, who like me, enjoy the sound of Level 42 and are happy to listen to the same song twice in a row.

Those doubters should ask themselves why Bill would be given the 1am to 5am slot on LBC if he wasn’t such a model professional?

Bill Buckley – A legend in continuity

I recently wrote about Children’s television presenters questioning the ability of today’s youngsters with those of our yesteryear. In discussing Derek Griffiths, I mentioned that his voice over work was only perhaps rivalled by that of Bill Buckley. In her comment on my article, the usually well-informed Doris Brazil asked for more details on Bill Buckley. I guess this endorses his work, as he was always able to make sure that he didn’t detract attention from the programmes themselves.

Bill’s big break came in 1982 when he appeared on Ester Rantzen’s “That’s Life”. Until then Bill has appeared in the written press and in his own words he ” didn’t mind swapping the industrial tribunals and magistrates’ courts of Sandwell for the broken washing machines and phallic parsnips of Shepherds Bush a bit!”

From there, Bill was at the birth of Breakfast television with Frank Bough and Selina Scott and he dealt admirably with the pressures of ” Writing a witty, three-minute song overnight then singing it to a sleepy nation at 6.45 and 8.45am .” Well done there Bill ! He also appeared on Songs of Praise where he beautifully sang the David Essex hit “A winter’s tale” backed by a huge choir.

Following time on The Holiday Programme, the powers that be decided that Bill’s attributes were now more suited to radio and he moved to the BBC Radio Solent where he did a fabulous job. But you couldn’t keep Bill regionalised and he popped up Nationally when he “appeared on Ken Bruce’s show on BBC Radio 2 as a celebrity contestant in his Popmaster quiz, ” and “thrashed the charming lead singer of Del Maitri, Justin Curren, 30 points to 9. (I think Del Maitri or Del Amitri as I remember them disbanded shortly afterwards – it’s not easy getting over a drubbing by Buckley)

Following more television work where Les Dawson described him as “ballast” on Blankety Blank, Bill then moved to the legendary work he accomplished as Channel 5’s weekend continuity announcer. He says he was there for five years from Day two (I can only imagine Bill was busy with prior commitments on the launch day itself.)

And so to understand Bill’s work a little closer. Just have a listen to his dulcet tones as he provides the continuity itself and introduces the “pec-oiling”Mr Gay UK in a way only Bill could.

What a talent Bill Buckley is.