Meet Crystal le Menthe

Friend and Fortune Teller to the Stars

A year ago to the day you will remember that Trevor Shoreditch found a new direction in life and ran to Brighton to find the new person inside. For a while he became Wendy, and seemed to sever all ties with yours truly and start a new life.

Well I am delighted to say that Trevor (Wendy) is back in East Yorkshire and is excelling as self-proclaimed “Friend and Fortune teller to the stars” Crystal le Menthe. She tells me she has a new website on its way and, following a year in training, has already given predictions to Celebrities including

  1. Katie Price
  2. Davina McCall
  3. Rio Ferdinand
  4. Stephen Fry
  5. Katie Perry
  6. Lady Gaga
  7. Paris Hilton

Well, I never predicted that outcome, but I wish Crystal le Menthe all the best and watch with interest.

Cross dressing for beginners

The other day I received a telephone call from Colin.

“I’ve got Trevor round here” he said.”He’s acting rather strange and is a little upset.”

Colin, as you know is the local school history teacher, and Trevor Shoreditch is what I would describe as a woodwork teacher, although they have more fancy names nowadays.

“What’s up with Trevor then?” I asked.

There’s always been a little edge to Trevor ever since he was reprimanded for stamping on a boys foot when the lad had made a wooden ashtray.

“He’s decided that he wants to change direction in life.” Colin paused before adding. “He says we have to call him Tracey.”

Now I already know one too many Traceys, but I was desperate to meet this new one and after grabbing my camera I set off for Colin’s and there was TrevorTracey.

Trevor Tracey was crying; I thought perhaps with a sense of relief that this was all out in the open, although I did think he she had made a very bold step change in one go.

“Let’s take your picture then.” I said

“I’m really not so sure.” replied Trevor.”I’m rather confused and upset.”

“Rubbish!” I tried to firm his view “If you’re going to look like that you better get ready to be stared at and have you photo taken. All the kids will get you on their mobile phones.”

And so I took my picture anyway.