Bloody hooligans



I employed PC Tucknott at Templeton’s Hardware mainly because he was cheap, but partly because  his part-time inclusion as a Special Constable (prior to the Scout in a headlock incident) would help with security. But the lad is a bloody idiot.

On Friday of last week, Tucknott biked to work and chained his bike to a lamp-post outside “Bitz and Pizzas” – he lost his key.  I offered to sell PCT cutting equipment, suitably docking the amounts from his next six month’s salary, but he said it would be fine.

Yes, in less than two weeks his bike resembles something that would normally be found in Dean and Kylie Smith’s front garden alongside the washing machine, broken garden chair, fag butts and dog shit.

Templeton branches out !

I think its fair to say that Wendy did an OK fair job running Templeton’s Hardware whilst I was away, but I am not convinced that she has full extracted full value for the business.

This morning, I decided to remove Wendy from her role with a  pay off totalling a significant virtual sum. I then decided that she would kindly return the funds to the company in the form of an interest free loan.

I am now ready to share my business expansion plans which will take Sprodlington to a whole new world.