Templetons launch the first Personal Ash Cloud Diffuser

Templetons Hardware is delighted today to announce the launch of the very first Personal Ash Cloud  Diffuser. With Eyjafjallajökull showing no signs of  slowing in its eruption rate, Templetons have stepped forward with their unique invention.

With air travel now in abundance once more and with aeroplanes permitted to travel through higher concentrations of ash, the downforce from the aircrafts will push the ash down to ground level, and those left walking will find themselves in a cloud of ash and in need of the Templeton’s Personal Ash Cloud Diffuser.

Many disappointed travellers have recently arrived back in the UK and realised that without Templeton’s Personal Ash Cloud Diffuser they face time on the street facing into the ash cloud that their own aircraft could have forced down to ground level. One traveller, Michelle Brodderidge, was distraught when she realised that she had no answer to the ash cloud. “I had no idea” she said.”If only Templetons had a store here in Luton, I would be able to travel home safely.”

Sadly Michelle and others alike faced the only option of joining the terminally long queues at the nearest vendor. Speaking on behalf of Templetons Hardware, owner Derek Templeton said “This is a unique opportunity to diffuse the ash cloud as it heads towards you. The design is deliberately similar to the personal fan many use in warm weather and that’s the genius of the idea. It is something easy to use.”  Derek went on to add “We anticipate continued huge demand for the Personal Ash Cloud Diffuser and have taken on an extra member of staff in our Sprodlington shop.” The Personal Ash Cloud Diffuser is available for£19.99, and with only one store in Sprodlington, Derek says he is keen to hear from other retailers who may be able to sell his invention.