Merry Christmas from Derek Templeton

Well,  Christmas is nearly here at Templeton’s Hardware and PC Tucknott, Doreen and myself would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas !

The new news here is that recent circumstances (which I am not prepared to go into) have resulted in me deciding to share some of the key business decisions with PC Tucknott and Doreen.  Tucknott has now finished his community service order following the scout in a headlock incident and Doreen is happier now that Tucknott and I have started lifting the toilet seat and doing No 2’s at home rather than at work.

Templeton’s is a happy workplace.

So, I’ve formed a Buying Committee and Tucknott, Doreen and I meet on Wednesday mornings to mull over the latest market offerings. I am proud to announce that we have decided on our key range offering for the season 2012/2013. All the products below are available in store now at a range of competitive prices. Do pop buy and stock up on

The Motorized Rolling Pin

Gift 1

No longer will you have aching wrists or “rolling-pin elbows” with our fantastic motorized rolling-pin. Just press the button on the handle and go with the flow. Price £36.99

The Family Blankeez

Gift 2Gift 3

God we know its cold at the moment – especially in East Yorkshire, but now families can wrap up toasty warm with the Family Blankeez. The brilliance of this clever invention is that it doubles as a cover for the family on weekend bike rides in less than clement weather. Price £27.99

The Pet Sweep

Gift 5 Gift 6How many times have pet owners had to clear up muddy paw marks from the previously beautifully clean kitchen and hall floors. Wel know we let the pets do the work with Pet Sweep. Simply attach the dust boots to the paws of your favourite pooch and sit back and watch your floors get clear. Price £19.99

Merry Christmas

Derek, PC Tucknott and Doreen – Templeton’s Hardware Buying Committee

Olympic Gifts on very special offer


It goes without saying that as an exceptional entrepreneur with an eye for profit, I am seldom too wide of the mark and have my finger on the highest pulse point. However, given the shenanigans at home with Wendy and Tracey returning and taking over ChezTempos, I might just have taken my eye off the ball – just a little.

I had a fantastic Jubilee; I sold through all of the remaining 1977 Silver Jubilee dross which had stayed boxed in the store room for what seemed like an eternity. I even penciled some wrinkles on a few Lady Diana mugs and sold them  to a short sighted lady as The Queen memorabilia. She as happy enough.

But, if I am being honest, I may have misjudged the Olympics. I hadn’t done my research and when Alan Cartwright offered me a sure-fire winner, namely some official mascots in official Olympic colours, I bought 200 and expected them to fly from the table outside of the shop. It appears as though they are not official colours and may not even be made by Burnberry.

To date I have sold 7 – I am open to offers for the other 193.