Well how fortunate was that.

Well, how lucky was that ! 

If  I hadn’t had so much T Cut metallic Colour restorer in stock for those poor residents of Sprodlington whose cars were scratched and vandalised by those unidentified hoodies, I couldn’t have helped selling them a solution.

Needless to say, we have now sold out, so  Wendy has now ordered more stock;  but we have made sure we have only ordered our usual case of six rather than thirty she ordered by mistake last time

Vandals, blooming vandals

It says something about the world in which we live when vandalism hits the small market town of Sprodlington.

The talk in the town yesterday, in what can fortunately be described as a busier day than usual in my shop, was of a riot of vandalism sometime between 12am and 6am the previous night. That’s the time when I am definitely asleep.

It appears as though our little market town was visited by some older looking hoodies who took to scratching some of the local residents’ cars. In a bizarre form of “tagging” (I think that’s the term) these vandals only scratched cars of the mid blue colour range. I understand that in total thirty cars were scratched.

What is the world coming to ?