You can’t trust anyone

Recently my wife Wendy was covering in the shop whilst I was out and she accepted a delivery from the wholesaler for a case of thirty T Cut Metallic Colour Restorer. She then opened the case and put some out on the shelf removing my chance to send them back. I only ever order six at a time.

Yes, technically on this occasion, I may have ticked the wrong box on the wholesaler’s order form, but that’s a result of them needlessly changing their brochure design to incorporate more special offers and manufacturers’ adverts. But, even if I take into consideration that the manufacturers at Tetrosyl Limited, Bury have clearly worked hard to make the use of their product “Now even easier”, I can’t see how I am going to sell thirty until 2013.

Incidentally, how can a car polish be “Now even easier” ? You put it on a cloth; then on your car; leave it and then wipe it off ! I also note that on the back of the thirty bottles I now have in stock it says “Do not apply to rusty or freshly painted surfaces.” Has anyone seriously ever tried to polish rust or fresh paint?