Making a real splash !

It would be remiss of me not to mention Beryl Tanner, Christine Pulton and Sue Carter who are attempting 10 continuous lengths at the Gladys Minton Memorial baths today.

Many of you know about the run-in I have had with the ladies next door in the RSPB shop, which culminated in a stand-off when I found myself very close to expanding  and closing them down. You will recall that I suffered a leaflet campaign. I decided to keep my options open and have since considered opening an ice cream parlour or expanding Templeton’s Hardware  into the nearby town of Market Dryston.

There are two reasons why Beryl chose to  raise money in a Swimathon.  Firstly, her husband Clive died earlier in the year after suffering a stroke.  I  was bitterly affected and saddened as he had been an excellent customer over the years.  The second reason, according to The Sprodlington Post is that the Greenish Warbler (which I imagine is a greenish warbing type bird) is proving harder to find in East Yorkshire than ever before. Beryl, Christine and Sue have therefore decided to split their  sponsorship money equally between the local stroke association and the purchase of some hairless caterpillars which are highly sought after by the Geenish Warbler.

So, Good Luck Ladies !