Trade discounts

When Carl the Fishmonger opened his new shop three doors down from mine in Market Place, Sprodlington, I was quick to pop in and give him a welcome “Hello”

Wendy had reminded me that we had nothing in for tea and so having introduced myself as Derek Templeton from Templeton’s Hardware, I ordered some nice fresh cod from my new acquaintance Carl from his new shop “Fother’s Plaice” (how clever to play on words like that Wendy had said)

I thought I’d mention to Carl the idea of a “Traders’ Discount” as he wrapped my cod on the scales.

“Perhaps a mutual 25% discount for traders in Market Place?” I suggested. “I could always recommend this shop to my local and regular customers.” Carl agreed and at that stage I decided to change my order from cod to monkfish. He didn’t seem too upset at having to unwrap the cod and start again.

A couple of days later, Carl came to my shop and looked up as the clunky door bell announced his arrival.

” I need a couple of shelving brackets please Derek.” he said.

” You’re lucky” said I. “I have a great linksave offer with T Cut Metallic Colour Restorer” I probed tentatively.

“I’m just fine with the shelving brackets today thanks” said Carl showing me a puzzled look for the first time.”But I thought I’d support a fellow Market Place trader!”

I quickly remembered the 25% discount he had given me on the recent purchase of monkfish. In truth I panicked a little as I realised that I wouldn’t be quick enough to work out how to add 15% to the price before taking 25% off.

“The thing is” I stumbled, “I’m afraid I can only give you a 10% discount. My margins are lower than your fish, and I’ve had a really quiet week.” I lied. ” I guess most of my customers must have been visiting your shop instead. I’m sure you understand.”

I’m sure he didn’t.