When “No” means “No” say the good folk of Sprodlington

Well God Bless the lovely folk of Sprodlington for rallying around and getting Templetons Hardware open again for business.

The little town was stunned by the shameful trashing of our family shop, just because I rebuffed the unwanted attention of an overly keen lady.

Sprodlington wanted to send a message – just to make it very very clear.

Attracting the celebrities – Please do not touch !

I have been perhaps too open about the state of my marriage to Wendy. It’s true that I was rather annoyed when she invited Tracey back home to live.

For the last couple of months I have been in the spare room. Late night returns from dominoes at The Cross Keys and a penchant for snoring (from which I am awoken by an elbow to the ribs) meant that a semi-permanent base in Tracey’s old room seemed best for all.

When Tracey returned a couple of weeks ago, I refused to move from her old room as she had vacated it in my eyes and I own the house anyway.

So, there are those who follow my ramblings who know the ins and outs of my life and it’s clear that if Derek from Mr and Mrs came knocking; Wendy and I would probably not trouble the scorers.But I appear to have attracted the unwanted attention of a certain individual recently who has taken a very close interest in me.

I first noticed the lady in question asking her friends about Wendy and what they felt about the state of my marriage. She then tried to test my patience a little – clearly testing my boundaries before making a move. And finally became over excited when wrongly believing I had asked her for a drink.

When rebuffed, the lady switched tactics and hinted at a celebrity status, which I found somewhat shameful.

I guess the point is that it’s nice to know that an independent hardware store owner can still attract the ladies, but at the moment this display says “Please do not touch”