Getting into the Jubillee spirit

I gave PC Tucknott an opportunity to show me a little entrepreneurial spirit.

“Tucknott, do me some flags which we can sell for the Golden Jubilee.  We’ll display them by the till and they’ll work as an impulse purchase.”

For those not in the know,  retailers deliberately place products we feel you may  spontaneously buy at the checkout, just so you add-on the purchase  at the end. Like a little treat.

“Dat’s de biz idea Tempo !” shouted Tucknott, who still seems intent of using this street kid talk.  “Them’s all gonna want de Queenie and dat !”

“Just do the flags  Tucknott please.”  I said.   I got him some pens and paper and took a few sticks from the fuchsias outside.  I sat him down and left him for forty minutes.  The shop had a little flurry: a few screws, a couple of door handles and a tub of Swarfega were popped into paper bags as the till sang its merry tunes.

“I’ve done one for Prince Charles of Wales”  shouted Tucknott.  “He can wave them with his kids.”  I balanced the downside of Tucknott’s stupidity with the upside that the gangsta talk appeared to have been forgotten.

“That’s good Tucknott”  said I as trying hard to muster a  smile.  “But can you so me some of the Union Jack please and  I want 30 by lunchtime.”

Bloody Sun – England Flags

So, the day after I stock up on England Flags, trying to do my patriotic best for Queen and Country and that Rooney swearing bloke, The Sun newspaper “gives them away ” to all readers (if that’s an adequate description for those who buy the newspaper

In the meantime, my flags which are reasonably priced at £3.99 appear to have faltered at half mast.

I have a box of 150 unsold flags in my store-room. It’s not even as if there’s a Royal Wedding on the horizon, and it does appear as though The Queen is going on for a little bit longer. Would people wave flags if the Duke of Edinburgh left us ? I’m not sure if he is even English though.

Bugger and sod.